Asset Management

In the modern production environment you are being asked to do more to meet your key performance indicators with much less available resources than just a few years ago. Rockwell Automation has a wide range of services to help manage and get the most out of your assets. HESCO can provide a program through Rockwell Automation that offers a holistic, scalable asset optimization solution tailored to your specific needs. From individual, vendor-agnostic product repairs to comprehensive storeroom, spare parts, and repair management solutions, the Rockwell Automation Asset Management Program (RAAMP) helps enhance the performance of your entire production environment.

HESCO will  partner with you to help you understand and prioritize your issues. Our strategic maintenance consultative approach enables data-driven decisions, and the implementation of solutions that extend the lifecycle of your assets.

step_1_evaluate--custom Step 1: Evaluate — The first step in cost reduction is an assessment of your current processes for MRO inventory management and maintenance needs. It is also vital to assess your installed base of automation equipment and spares inventory.

Step 2: Design — Identify process efficiencies and areas to improve inventory and production issues, which may include:

  • Storeroom management redesign
  • MRO process management redesign
  • Reporting and dashboard creation
  • Inventory rationalization and reduction
  • Equipment migration prioritization
  • Preventive maintenance prioritization
step_3_implement--custom Step 3: Implement — Implement ROI-driven processes that will improve productivity, lower costs and enable financial predictability.
step_4_measure_optimize--custom Step 4: Measure & Optimize — Use measurement and dashboard reporting tools to drive continuous improvement, helping you meet business goals such as improved regulatory compliance, faster time to market and reduced production costs.

Installed Base Evaluation

One of the first steps to optimize your assets is a thorough analysis of your critical plant assets and their condition through an evaluation of your installed base of production equipment and spares inventory. An Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) is a site-delivered service that provides actionable intelligence to help you make data-driven decisions regarding the support and obsolescence management of your installed base assets, including both Rockwell Automation and non-Rockwell Automation products.

With an IBE you can:

  • Identify the product lifecycle status via plant hierarchy
  • Identify legacy obsolescence risks
  • Identify excess/shortage of spare parts
  • Include mechanical and other OEM electronics
  • Identify migration/conversion priorities
  • Baseline a Strategic Maintenance Program

On-site collection of data is

  1. gathered by a Rockwell Automation Field Service Professional;
  2. processed and analyzed off-site to determine plant lifecycle risks and overall MRO inventory status; and
  3. delivered to you with reporting, analysis and recommendations for remediation and next steps.

Your final analysis provides:

  • Detailed inventory reports by plant, location, department, line, panel and catalog number
  • Corresponding Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) data
  • Identification of critical spares, including excess, insufficient and obsolete spares
  • Spares inventory handling and storage recommendations
  • Summary of your current cost of carrying inventory
  • Recommended replacements for obsolete Rockwell Automation equipment


Parts Management Agreement

Reduce your operating costs associated with managing spare parts with a Parts Management Agreement from Rockwell Automation.With this agreement, you have ready access to the Rockwell Automation spare
parts you need,while we own and manage your spare parts inventory.These agreements are backed by our re-manufacturing and renewal parts services to replenish any inventory used. Rockwell Automation owns, locates and manages the inventory at your site, giving you access 24x7x365.
A PMA is valuable to companies who:

  • Are looking for alternatives to a spare parts purchase
  • Have an application in which up-time is critical
  • Want a reduction in mean time to repair
  • Want to improve control of their inventory assets
  • Want a reduction in the carrying costs associated with maintaining inventory
  • Require immediate availability of critical spare parts
  • Want improved inventory integrity


Lifecycle Extension & Migration

Lifecycle challenges have evolved due to advancements in technology. Lifecycle Extension & Migrations Services help to identify, mitigate and eliminate automation obsolescence risk. As products approach the end of their expected life, the availability of parts and resources become more difficult to obtain, until the point one or both are exhausted. With a Lifecycle Extension Agreement, you can avoid these risks and the possibility of any financial consequences in the form of extended downtime.

To begin, we have to identify your obsolescence risks by performing an installed base evaluation, which generates a Lifecycle Analysis. This analysis provides you with a better understanding of the risks your facility may experience and ability to pinpoint automation obsolescence risk by site, area, line, machine and panel.

Once the legacy assets are identified, we can provide immediate options to migrate certain products to newer technology, or we can develop a “service bridge” for your plant via a Lifecycle Extension Agreement. Included in the agreement are a critical set of services — reserved repair, remote support and on-site services — to help you avoid the costs associated with unplanned downtime, parts and repair and unplanned costs to upgrade equipment.

Asset Management Goals

The goal as your reliability solution partner is to help you reduce your MRO parts spend by as much as 25 percent while improving plant profitability and uptime. Rockwell’s RAAMP program alone has documented over $20 million in combined annual cost savings for customers.

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