Plant Networking Services

Navigating to solutions in the modern plant floor environment can be a complicated and time consuming process. Rockwell Automation has the domain expertise to provide custom solutions to meet a large variety of plant floor needs

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Rockwell Automation has an expertly trained team that are able to bridge the gap between the manufacturing and IT to help design, evaluate, and deploy a robust and secure network.

Our converged team has the domain expertise to provide you with the appropriate services your industrial control and information networks require. Understanding how your network and security infrastructure, policies and procedures affect your plant, and the personnel who use them everyday, is our job.

No matter where you are in your control system lifecycle, our Network Specialists collaborate with you allowing you to achieve your production and business goals.





Traditionally, the operating system and its applications were tightly coupled to the hardware they were installed on. Using Virtualization from Rockwell Automation, you can break the link between operating systems and the physical hardware that applications run on. Now, you are able to utilize multiple instances of an operating system with independent applications on the same piece of hardware, in addition to having the ability to change hardware without replacing the operating system or applications.


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The landscape of global safety standards is one that has been rapidly changing over the last 10 years. Rockwell Automation is the largest provider of safety automation products in the world.

The ongoing developments of global safety standards and technologies have made manufacturing safety a powerful tool to optimize your production environment. The implementation of these standards and technologies not only help to reduce injuries, they also provide major improvements in manufacturing productivity, efficiency and the morale of your employees and customers.

Understanding the current risk level of one machine or an entire plant floor is a huge task and many companies do not know where to begin, but Rockwell Automation can help. Rockwell Automation has a global safety team of principle consultants to assist end users, integrators and OEM’s at any step of a safeguarding project – from training and standards assistance through validation and startup.


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