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HESCO’s Network and Security Services provides our customers with services and products to support your businesses network needs. We offer a knowledgeable team, expertly trained in both manufacturing and IT. This converged team of IT/OT gurus have the domain expertise to provide you with the appropriate services your industrial control and information networks require. Understanding how your network and security infrastructure, policies and procedures affect your plant, and the personnel who use them everyday, is just a part of the process. Wherever you are in your control system lifecycle, HESCO Network Specialists collaborate with you allowing you to achieve your production and business goals.

Industrial Networking


Managed Services

Industry Certifications

HESCO’s Network & Security Services global team of principal consultants, and field service professionals hold and maintain many industry certifications such as: CCENT, CCNA – Routing & Switching, CCNA – Security, CCNA – Industrial, Cisco Industrial Network Specialist, Certified Cisco Systems Instructor, COMPTia Network+, Ubiquiti Certified Wireless Broadband Specialist, Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin, Apple Certified Support Professional, Ec-Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Panduit Industrial Networking Specialist, among others.


In the past, the operating system and its applications were tightly coupled to the the specific hardware on which they were installed, but now virtualization breaks that link between operating systems and the physical hardware that applications run on, enabling the user to utilize multiple instances of an operating system with independent applications on the same piece of hardware, in addition to having the ability to change hardware without replacing the operating system or applications.

The Process

Assess —Plan & Design—-Implement—–Audit——-Manage & Monitor


Assessments evaluate the current condition of a designed or implemented network via documentation reviews or onsite network analysis. An assessment can help to prevent or fix network issues by evaluating the network, documenting design or implementation issues and offering resolutions, as well as provide information about potential problems that could result in future unplanned downtime.

Assessments can help you determine if the network is able to meet the functional requirements you need to achieve your goals.

Available assessment levels:

  • Design Assessment
  • Onsite General Assessments
  • Onsite Comprehensive Assessment

Plan & Design

The planning process starts with collaboration between you and ToughNET and continues through to ensure that the network built will best meet the needs of your system and allow minimal distrurbance to normal plant activity and manufacture.

Available plan and design options:

  • Network Design Development
  • Network Migration Development
  • Network Standards Development


Network implementation services provide an ROI analysis of manufacturing convergence by improved network efficiency, reduced operational costs and increased manufacturing productivity. Network infrastructure implementation includes the media that transmits the traffic and the hardware that controls the flow of traffic as well as the software that sends, receives and manages the traffic.

The implementation process consists of turnkey solutions to simple system configurations. Turnkey solutions can include working with partners that offer guaranteed network installation.

Available implementation options:

  • Network Installation
  • Network Configuration


The Network Audit confirms networks are installed and functioning properly. State-of-the-art network diagnostic tools are used to conduct installation and operational tests.Testing confirms performance is within standards outlined by TIA/EIA, ODVA, CNI. Installation testing validates the installation of new networks and minimizes commissioning problems. An operational evaluation tests validate system performance to ensure reliable communications and verify operating parameters. Test results and performance data are archived as a baseline for future reference.


Manage & Monitor

Manage and Monitor Services are offerings that assist in maintaining your network to achieve expected production and business goals. Offerings range from continuous monitoring or ad hoc diagnostic monitoring to periodic visits or emergency response. Using these Network management offerings can improve uptime by using our resources if you don’t have the resources, tools and technical knowledge internally.

Available managing and monitoring options:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Incident Response
  • Onsite Support
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