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Remote Support and Monitoring from Rockwell Automation can help you optimize your control system performance, improve your overall equipment effectiveness, normalize control system expertise at your plant and reduce maintenance time and costs.

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This 8am-5pm or 24×7 phone support option includes a set of comprehensive electronic support tools, software and flash firmware updates for your Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software products.

Regardless of your business goals, TechConnect can help you unlock the potential of your operation. Using the valuable tools packaged with every TechConnect contract and our team of trained experts, you have ability to reduce maintenance time and costs, and improve your overall equipment effectiveness.

No matter where you are located or what language you speak, TechConnect Support from Rockwell Automation provides these services:

 Maintain Your Software

  • Extend functionality and improve your users’ experience with access to the latest software revisions
  • Download updates or request media shipments
  • Receive replacement media in case of emergency

 Access Comprehensive Online Support 

  • Submit questions online or chat live with our highly trained technical support engineers
  • Manage your telephone and online interactions, product notifications and favorite content via your own personal portal
  • Effectively manage training needs/budget & improve employee performance with Training Advisor
  • Interact with your peers in our forums and discuss your troubleshooting and technical experiences
  • Bookmark information in the portal using the “Find My Stuff” feature 

Obtain Real-Time Telephone Support

  • Converse real-time, in your local language, with a product specialists who can help install and configure, troubleshoot or diagnose to expedite resolution of complex technical issues


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Application support is our most comprehensive, flexible and tailored support offering. We can build you a service package that fits the exact needs of your operations and actively minimize downtime events.

Production facilities today are facing a changing environment that demands you to do more with less. Between the decline in available skilled resources and the rise in advanced technology, the cost of unscheduled downtime has increased to $20 billion a year, which limits your ability to meet ever-increasing production demands.

To improve your personnel productivity and efficiency, in addition to reducing your maintenance costs, Rockwell Automation offers TechConnectSM Application Support. Application support is our most comprehensive, flexible and tailored support offering. We can build you a service package that fits the exact needs of your operations and actively minimize downtime events.

Features of Application Support include:

  • Support tailored to your application
  • Surveillance, alarming and data archiving
  • Application-level administration
  • Site-specific knowledge management

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Virtual Support Engineer is a service that offers a simple and secure approach to monitoring your equipment and collecting performance analytics to gain insight into the performance of your of automation machinery. This data is key to optimizing your operations and minimizing downtime events.

This service is available for all of our customers, including original equipment manufacturers, to monitor important automation assets. For PowerFlex® 7000 Medium Voltage Drive Customers Virtual Support EngineerTM continuously monitors the drive’s critical variables and notifies Rockwell Automation of any events that could impact the drive’s performance. It also sends data to the cloud for archiving and performance analytics.

Virtual Support Engineer can be configured to monitor any number of parameters in the drive including:

  • Speed
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Power
  • Drive Warning Queue
  • Drive Fault Queue
  • Drive Status

Simple and Secure Connectivity

Connect to your machines from any internet connection quickly and securely. Using IT-approved, outbound-only communication, the Virtual Support Engineer offers safe access to your assets and allows you to access valuable information about your machinery without sacrificing the security of the transferred data.

Real-time Alarming

When there are problems with your machinery, the Virtual Support Engineer lets you know through real-time alarms. Alarms can be programmed to deliver email and text messages and also can be customized to be delivered to you, your customer or a Rockwell Automation Remote Support Application Engineer.

Data Collection & Analytics

Using the Virtual Support Engineer, you have access to a wealth of valuable alarm data and analytics for your machinery.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Solution

Rockwell Automation has made the Virtual Support Engineer an easy, scalable and cost-effective solution for remote support. With a small, DIN rail mounted footprint, and remotely configured interface, getting started is easy.


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