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HESCO along with it’s many partner vendors can supply a variety of safety services. The landscape of global safety standards is one that has been rapidly changing over the last 10 years. As an authorized Rockwell Automation distributor, HESCO can assist you in accessing products and services from Rockwell, the largest provider of safety automation products in the world.

The ongoing developments of global safety standards and technologies have made manufacturing safety a powerful tool to optimize your production environment. The implementation of these standards and technologies not only help to reduce injuries, they also provide major improvements in manufacturing productivity, efficiency and the morale of your employees and customers.

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Understanding the current risk level of one machine or an entire plant floor is a huge task and many companies do not know where to begin, but Rockwell Automation can help. Rockwell Automation has a global safety team of principle consultants to assist end users, integrators and OEM’s at any step of a safeguarding project – from training and standards assistance through validation and startup.  Contact HESCO and we can begin the process of evaluating your business’s needs.

For additional information on services whether it is for a single machine, a facility or a series of plants, Rockwell has an approach.  The whitepapers below may be useful in helping you determine your goals.


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Safetyy Maturity Index





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Engineers no longer have to endure the time-consuming process of manually designing and documenting safety systems, often introducing human error and reducing compliance with accepted standards. The latest addition to our suite of safety tools, Safety Automation Builder, simplifies this process with a powerful, yet intuitive user interface that helps designers save time and gain confidence when verifying that a safety system meets all requirements

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Safety assessments help you comply with current and emerging standards by providing consulting insights from industry specialists for safety critical controls. Once a safety assessment is complete, you are provided with complete documentation and remediation suggestions.

Safety assessment services include evaluations for many factors including but not limited to

  • Operational Risk Analysis,
  • Hazard Identification
  • Arc flash analysis
  • CE Mark
  • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
  • Stop Time Evaluation
  • Safety Circuit Compliance
  • Process Safety
  • Safety System Validation
  • Production Floor Safety


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Safety Solution Lifecycle

Step 1: Safety Assessment – Identify hazards and estimate the associated risks
Step 2: Mitigation Technique Selection – Evaluate safeguarding options based on industry acceptable solutions
Step 3: Safety System Design – Design system architecture, safety critical circuit design and guarding design
Step 4: Project Execution – Material procurement, assembly, integration testing, commissioning
Step 5: Validation – Verify that systems are operating within defined parameters and applicable standards have been satisfied
Step 6: Maintenance – Change Control


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