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ESC ServicesHESCO can now provide complete Lockout Tagout  (LOTO) procedures though Rockwell Automation and it’s recent acquisition of ESC Services Inc.  ESC Services develops and installs equipment-specific lockout tagout procedures featuring custom graphics and safety workflows. Lockout tagout is a safety procedure that is used to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut down and not restarted before maintenance and service work is completed. It requires hazardous power sources to be isolated and rendered inoperative before any repair procedure is started.


Partnering with HESCO and ESC means you can rest assured that expert engineers have custom created a world-class, comprehensive lockout tagout solution that ensures employee safety while optimizing production efficiency. Not only will the chance of OSHA fines related to lockout tagout be a thing of the past, the lockout tagout program is so advanced it will pay you back in efficiencies you never thought possible.

ESC’s unique methodology utilizes QR codes that can be scanned to obtain asset information and streamline compliance with internal safety policy and regulatory compliance. All lockout tagout safety program performance and regulatory metrics are stored in a cloud-enabled solution that allow you to input and access data with a mobile device, even when off line. This comprehensive lockout tagout program can be implemented quickly and accurately while training employees and providing the necessary tools to maintain the system internally for years.


5 steps for a well designed and implemented LOTO solution

  • Every Good Lockout-Tagout Program Starts with Graphical Procedures that are Machine Specific
  • Customized Hands-On Lockout-Tagout Training
  • Lockout-Tagout Annual Audit
  • Comprehensive Lockout-Tagout Policy Creation and Review
  • Recommendations for Lockout-Tagout Devices

Remember: Non-compliance can be costly!

Learn how to avoid lockout fines associated with CFR1910.147 – The Control of Hazardous Energy. The #1 most cited OSHA regulation for manufacturing is Lockout-Tagout (LOTO). In fact, LOTO fines are increasing at over 50% annually in total cost per visit.

Not having a lockout-tagout procedure exposes your company to possibly of up to $70,000 in fines for each piece of equipment!

ESC services all locations in Connecticut. Connecticut has a state run OSHA program and ESC specializes in customizing your lockout-tagout procedures to not only exceed Connecticut lockout-tagout regulations, but also to meet your satisfaction as the most efficient and easy to follow procedure possible. We guarantee compliance with our lockout-tagout services in Connecticut.

Ask about ScanESC a patent pending software solution to help manage your lockout-tagout program – your company will benefit from real time synchronizing of data between your authorized employees and a secure web portal set up exclusively for your company.  With ScanESC read a QR code and have instant access to the LOTO procedure for that machine, including site map and step by step instructions.


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