Tech Tool Tip Videos: Rockwell Product Lifecycle Tool, Product Configurator

HESCO Tech Tool Tip Videos

Rockwell’s Product Product Selection and Configuration Tool:

Rockwell Automation’s online product configurator tool, ProposalWorks, allows you to select standard products or configure made-to-order products to meet more precise application requirements. You can access product data such as lifecycle status, certifications, pricing, and documentation to help support decision making. Assemble complex customized RFQs and proposals using your own templates and drag and drop your own documents into your proposals as an added convenience.

Watch our HESCO Tech Tool Tip video on the Online Product Configurator.

Learn more and download the tool.

Rockwell’s Product Lifecycle Status Online Tool:

Rockwell Automation’s online product lifecycle search tool helps you clearly identify a product’s current lifecycle stage, making it easier for you to proactively plan and manage the transition to more modern technologies.

Watch our HESCO Tech Tool Tip video on the Product Lifecycle Status tool.

Use this search tool to identify the most contemporary Rockwell Automation products, bringing you advancements in performance, flexibility, and security that enable you to achieve a Connected Enterprise and a competitive edge. For the most up-to-date lifecycle status on products you are interested in, enter the catalog number on the Search line above: You must enter at least 3 digits of the catalog number and an optional wildcard string to retrieve data. You can enter a partial catalog number to get lifecycle data on a family of products (e.g., enter “1771” to retrieve status information on all 1771 I/O products).

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