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Water & Waste

water-treatment-plantWater & Wastewater

HESCO has been working with water municipalities, water & waste service providers, and systems integrators for more than 70 years. Rockwell Automation and Allen-Bradley our flagship product lines have been long regarded by the industry as the most reliable, most cost effective and most broadly accepted solutions. As such, HESCO has successfully delivered millions of dollars of software, hardware and services to water and waste providers in New England.

Our technical consultants are intimately familiar with the various processes, industry requirements, and best practices employed in the industry. We are ready and prepared to help our customers achieve successful results.

Areas of Expertise include:

Water Treatment: SCADA; Control Room HMI and Data Management; Well and Lift Pumping Stations; Influent, Effluent, and Booster Pumps; Chemical Storage and Mixers; Flocculation, Coagulation, and Sedimentation; Filtration; Reverse Osmosis; Disinfection: Chlorination, Ultraviolet, and Ozone; Solids Handling; Storage Reservoirs; Energy Management Systems; Desalinization; CMMS; Security and Access Control

Wastewater Treatment: Lift Stations; SCADA; Control Room HMI and Data Management; Sedimentation Tanks; Aeration; Effluent Pumps; CMMS; Motor Condition Monitoring; Storm Water Management; Digestion and Sludge Tanks; Energy Management Systems; Sludge Reduction/Disposal, Solids Handling; Industrial Wastewater Recycling/Reuse; Incineration


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